Medieval Life

Medieval Life

Centuries of Roman rule in Western Europe came crashing to an end in 476 when the emperor was driven from his throne by barbarian invaders from the north. Soon after, hundreds of tiny kingdoms began to form in once Roman lands. Subsequent invasions by Vikings, Goths, Moors, and infighting between neighboring kingdoms began to change the nature of European life.

Medieval Times-Middle Ages-Dark Ages, many terms have been used to describe this period spanning more than a thousand years. The Church was very much in control of the gamut of medieval life. Civilization progressed slowly; science was looked upon with distrust and often, as heresy. Communication between and within countries was tedious and primarily sent word-of-mouth. Books were a rarity, and writing was the province of the powerful. Art and literature were on the decline, as the former marvels of Rome were swept away by time.

Medieval Europe was very much divided, yet societies during this time were remarkable similar. What was it like to live during this time?
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